Interior Styling

Tailormade Services

Whether you want to spruce up a specific space, or what you have at home are not quite pulled together, or you are starting from scratch and moving into a new home,  we are happy to assist you to achieve what you are looking for your home.

We offer totally customer oriented and tailor made services because we believe our home should be an reflection of our selves and  every family has a unique lifestyle. We start with a free consultation to learn about your needs and recommend what can be done.


Cant find what you are looking for? Why don't make our own!

Just like you, we can not settle for the normal, that's why we have embarked a long journey for designing our own ranges and tested multiple workshops both local and abroad to provide you the best! Premium range of materials and finest craftmanship are to be expected,  and each piece is just made for you by hand.

Our range of bespoke home furnishing including: Sofa, Chairs, Bench/Ottoman, Sideboard, Display Shelf, Console, Luxury Bamboo/ Tencel Rugs, Cushions, Table Linen etc.

Start your bespoke journey with us and come to our studio and be inspired by our range of designs and materials! Or simply send us a photo of inspiration and get a quotation!


Specially designed and curated collections ready to ship

We understand how its like to go around the town to get the furnishings to match each other, hence we have designed and curated sets which are perfect to provide you an easy and pulled together look instantly.

From years of experience in luxury hotels and Interior Styling, I always wondered why there isn't anywhere in the retail market where people can buy hotel quality home furnishing products without a sky high price tag. It takes a long while but finally we have a range of luxurious cushion sets with affordable prices. We will release more product ranges soon.




Curtains and Blinds

Home Textiles

Bespoke furniture

From the moment you kick off your shoes, the weight of the day sinks in the most comfy corner of the beautifully sofa you love, cuddled by fluffy comfy cushions, You set your feet on the luxurious handmade rug made from bamboo, so soothing and so soft, reminding you the best foot massage you ever had. Everything you set your eyes on bringing the tinkling sensation that sparkles joys. You are where you are, body mind and soul, at home.

Laura has spent the last decade working in the top luxury hotels and since relocating, she has brought her passion for styling and interior design to the homes in Singapore. After working with one the most known interior styling firm in Singapore for years, Laura founded Laura Bachmann Home, combining her Interior Styling skills, hospitality personality as well as the passion in holistic living, aiming to provide customers who are looking for flexible home styling services and bespoke unique home furnishing pieces.

Each experience with us starts and ends with our clients. It’s an organic collaboration that blends your needs and requirements with our intuitive design sense and expertise.


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