The Tree


A3 unframed



Size: A3

Oil unframed

Painted in 80s.

The artist: Horst Hartmann

1939 born in Berlin-Tempelhof

Designer and Artist

abstract painter known for his BOLD use of color and complex layering blending chaos and harmony. Hartmann is inspired by nature and the inter-connectivity of all things.

Horst Hartmann is an abstract painter working and living in Berlin. He has developed his unique techniques over the years during which he is continuously innovating to create works with emphasis on bold color combinations, blending and shaping.

He has been creating his artworks since 1970s. With what’s going on with east Germany for the following decades, his arts have been reflecting the changes in their generations.

His works have been in various galleries and exhibitions around Germany and now he’s retired in his home near Berlin.